1. muscular power, power, muscles, muscularity, brute force, might, mightiness, brawn, brawniness, thews, Inf. huskiness, Inf. heftiness, Inf. beefiness, burliness, sinewiness; force, forcefulness, dint, Literary. puissance; vigor, lustiness, Archaic. lustihood, vitality, energy, dynamism; hardiness, stur-diness, robustness, stoutness, toughness, steeliness; sinew, sinews, resilience, resiliency.
2. courage, fortitude, intrepidity, backbone, firmness; pluck, grit, will power, nerve, Sl. guts, Sl. gut-siness, Inf. intestinal fortitude; tenacity, pertinacity, perseverance, resoluteness, persistence; determination, red-bloodedness, full-bloodedness, doughtiness, Inf. stick-to-it-iveness; boldness, gameness, Inf. spunk.
3.. greatness, magnitude, immensity, largeness, bigness, enormity; sway, control, dominance; seriousness, gravity, import, urgency.
4. efficacy, effectiveness, efficiency, potency, potence; weight, substance, pith, solidity; cogency, incisiveness; validity, soundness, stability; reliability, dependability, trustworthiness.
5. durability, durableness, toughness, hardness, callosity; solidity, impregnability, impenetrability, imper-viousness; resistance, renitency; imperishability, incorruptibility.
6. intensity, intentness, concentration; fullness, richness; fervor, ardor, fervency, warmth, glow, fire, heat; excitement, enthusiasm, eagerness, keenness; animation, Inf. punch, Inf. pep, Inf. ginger; clarity, clearness, brightness, vividness; pungency, sharpness.
7. mainstay, chief support; refuge, security, foundation, base.
8. on the strength of
on the basis of, based on, relying on.

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